What To Do (Claims)

Our Insurance Claim Process

Do you have concerns about your insurance claim? Are you having trouble filing or collecting reimbursements? The professionals at Wisconsin-Michigan Insurance Agency can help you. We have a simple, fast, and fair insurance claim process. Read on to learn about the steps you can take to get the financial compensation you need.

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Steps in the claims process:

Good Practice 1: Claims Reporting
  • Try to Minimise loss
  • Report the claim in timely fashion
  • Co-opertate and authorise the company to handle
Good Practice 2: Receipt of claims
  • When necessary the policyholder /claimant/ beneficary needs to provide specefic documents
  • If it appears claim can not be settled rapidly, the company notifies of reasonable time limit
  • If it appears claim is not coverd by insurance policy, the company sends notification explaining why