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Wisconsin-Michigan Insurance Agency is an independant insurance agency which means we are not limited to insurance products from only one company. By representing several companies, we can help the consumer identify and “shop” for their own specific insurance needs while saving them money. Wisconsin-Michigan Insurance Agency has over 30 years of experience as an independent agency and is a member of the PIA of Wisconsin (Professional Insurance Agents).

Our agency does not offer any banking, real estate or non-insurance related services. This allows us to focus our attention on insurance products that are right for you. Wisconsin-Michigan Insurance Agency sells and services policies in Northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. All insurance proposals are free of charge and our agents are happy to meet with you at your convenience.

What your Professional Insurance Agent can do for you.

Your Professional Insurance Agent, also called an independent agent, gives you more choices. Professional Insurance Agents are not limited to insurance from only one company. They can shop from several. And, by shopping among various companies, your professional agent can find the best combination of coverage, price and service – the best value for your insurance dollar.

Your Professional Insurance Agent can help you deal with a claim. Your agent can contact the insurance company and get the claim process rolling, help you fill out claim forms, advise you on the progress of your claim and work closely with the insurance company to make sure you get a prompt and fair settlement of a valid claim.

Have a question about your policy or bill? A problem with your claim? Unsure where to go for answers? Your Professional Insurance Agent can get answers for you – and help solve your problems quickly and fairly.

Professional Insurance Agents tend to be highly involved in your community. Many are active in charity, civic and school groups. Elected officals often ask for their insights on insurance issues that affect consumers.

In short, Professional Insurance Agents are local agents helping local people. They’re your neighbors – your friends.

To learn more about Professional Insurance Agents, please visit the PIA Homepage at http://www.pia.org

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Product Overview

Wisconsin-Michigan Insurance Agency specializes in personal and commercial insurance protection. We meet the needs of our customers for solid, reliable insurance plans for their autos, homes, recreational vehicles, farms and businesses.

Wisconsin-Michigan Insurance Agency also provides health, life, medical supplements and disability income policies.

Wisconsin-Michigan Insurance Agency also sells insurance policies with discounts for specific group members such as Wisconsin Educators, AARP, Chamber of Commerce, Allumni Group, and Bank & Credit Union Members. Also ask us about worker’s compensation insurance policies that offer dividend programs.

Policies for immediate SR-22 high risk auto can be issued in our office with several different insurance companies

Product-Specific Business Owner Policies Available

  • Appliance Stores
  • Automobile Repair Shops
  • Automobile Sales Garages
  • Bakeries
  • Beauty Shops
  • Churches
  • Contractors (All Types)
  • Convenience Stores
  • Florists
  • Floor Covering Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hardware Stores
  • Offices (All Types)
How to get the best value for your insurance dollar

How to get the best value for your insurance dollar

Buying insurance can be confusing. Price is important, but so is getting the right coverage for your needs. You want and need top value in your coverage – whether it’s for your home, your car, your family or your business.

The Value of Value
Sure, the price of insurance is important. But never shop on the basis of price alone. Real value means more. You want insurance that provides the right kind of protection for your needs. You want an insurance company that’s loyal and pays valid claims promptly. You also want an agent who provides courteous service, someone who goes to bat for you when you need help or advice.

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